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Who are we? 


Let’s start at the beginning! I’m Jo! Owner of Jo Darby Theatre School in Suffolk, health and wellbeing advocate and Mummy to two little humans! 


After travelling the world for ten years as a professional dancer, I transferred that passion for performing into teaching children of all ages to dance, have fun and build their confidence! For the past decade I have also been hugely passionate about self development and creating not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. We know more than ever, that everything is connected and mindfulness and mental health are key subjects to not only learn about but also put into practice in today’s world. 

With my own children, we practice fun, daily habits to help with mindset and emotional

wellbeing and this has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. I then wanted to share this with more children, because if these ‘practices’ become a part of who they are, then we’re looking at building more resilient and empathetic teenagers and ultimately adults. 

So that’s where ‘Kind Kidz’ came in! I wanted to reach as many children as possible and help them with simple tips and tasks to help them feel good about themselves. To practice being kind, brave, calm and grateful……to make healthy living fun and appealing and help them to see for themselves, how amazing they truly are. Let’s empower them with beliefs and skills so they really can be the best versions of themselves. 

Our motto, ‘Kindness begins with me’ is the message behind it all……..helping children be kind to themselves, and in turn kind to each other, and in turn kind to our planet.


Change starts with us. One person and one little human at a time.

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