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M I N D F U L  B L O G S

Mindfulness for families

Ok let's face it – we’re all super busy with work, jobs, businesses, home life, kid's clubs, birthday parties…. the list goes on! And that’s without throwing Christmas in the mix as well!! So now more than ever, we need to turn our attention to mindfulness a little more. But what’s key is……it’s not something that needs to be allocated a whole load of extra time that doesn’t actually exist in our busy parenting lives! What we need it to do is fit in alongside our day so that it becomes a HABIT!


Habits are something I’m HUGELY passionate about because if you want to change something or achieve anything long term…….it comes down to what you’re doing DAILY!


So how can we make mindfulness a daily habit?


Firstly - what is mindfulness?


Simply put, it’s being in the present moment. In our fast-paced society we’re always thinking about what’s happening later or tomorrow or our phones are taking our attention whilst trying to cook the dinner and play princesses with our 4-year-old! It’s none stop both on our brains and our bodies. So, mindfulness allows us to “quieten” the noise for a few moments and focus inwards and use our senses more. What can we feel? What can we see? What can we hear? The emotional and mental benefits to practicing this over time can be simply amazing!


So, here’s a few easy ways to introduce mindfulness into your daily home life that can really make a difference over time……


Morning Routine!

Now this is something I could talk about all day, so I’ll save it for another blog. But how you start (and end) your day is so important! I’m part of a free community (drop me a message to join us) where I take 30 minutes to myself in the morning (Monday-Friday) to work on my own mindset. I cannot tell you the difference this will make to your whole day by doing this! I know it’s not possible for everyone but if you’re willing to try this out and can carve out the time then give me a shout!

With your child you can take a moment (only has to be a minute) to tune into what you can hear, smell, touch, taste and feel? This is simply bringing awareness to the body and the mind. Awareness is everything.


At breakfast ask them how they are feeling or what they are looking forward to that day. Also encourage your children to eat mindfully and really taste their food and enjoy the texture and the smell and be grateful for what they’re eating. Where possible try and have the TV off so their focus isn’t being pulled into a different direction whilst they are eating.


When you’re in the car or walking, play mindful games such as eye spy or colour or letter games which allows them to notice their surroundings more and find things they may not normally see.


At bedtime ask your children what they are most grateful for that day. This allows them to think back over the day and what they have enjoyed and means they’re falling asleep with a lovely positive image in their minds. It may also prompt more conversations about feelings too as we all know bedtime is when they like to talk about all sorts of things! Such a great way to keep communication open!


If you’ve never tried any of these things before then just start with one and slowly add more in so you’re not overwhelmed. The point is they’re easy to do and over time become habits!


Look forward to hearing how you get on!


Here’s to a fun, festive AND mindful Christmas period!



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