It's a serious business for kids! So with that being said, our workshops are aimed at 4-7 year olds with the emphasis being on FUN!

Creativity and imagination are so important and we want to help children explore this whilst learning new skills for their “skills bag”. This metaphorical rucksack goes with them on their journey throughout life and they can dip in and out of the bag depending on what they need in that moment. 


Over 6 workshops we will cover 6 core subjects with the help of my 6 friends ... 

Kind Kitty

Healthy Hugo

Brave Bella

Calm Curtis

Grateful Gianna

Amazing Asher

What will we do?


We will read stories, chat about our theme, get our bodies moving and wiggling, practice positive sentences, try out mindfulness activities, use our imaginations in some quiet time and of course learn our super fun song and dance for each theme! 


Children will walk away with resources and reminders to practice at home so parents can support them (and also practice themselves!) in their journey to filling their rucksack full of empowering tips. 

Grab your rucksack and let’s go on a journey..kindness begins with me.